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Accused hostage taker: "I was just out to harm myself, wanting to die"

Jerry Lee Clark Jerry Lee Clark
Jerry Lee Clark Jerry Lee Clark
Investigators have charged a man they say held three employees hostage at a drug store in Valdese on Saturday, March 16th.
Jerry Lee Clark, was released from the hospital on Friday and charged with three counts of first degree kidnapping and one count of armed robbery, according to the Burke County Sheriff's Office.
Witnesses said Clark walked into the store, approached the pharmacy counter, and showed a knife.

Authorities said Clark threatened to start killing people if officers didn't come in and get him.

He was taken into custody without incident, but not before he swallowed a bottle of morphine pills.

Clark was taken to an area hospital for the pills he took.
On Friday, Clark told WBTV's Steve Ohnesorge that he was sorry he took the employees hostage. He said he wanted to die and tried to get the SWAT Team to shoot him.
"I didn't mean to harm them in anyway," he said.
When WBTV asked what he think should happen to him, he replied, "I don't know."
Clark's bond was set at $300,000.
He is due in court on Monday.
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