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Local business owner buys TV commercial time to promote Hornets


On a typical day at Blackhawk Hardware, owner Andy Wilkerson makes his rounds, not only to sell what's on his shelves, but to make a pitch for his favorite team.

"I miss being a pro basketball fan. I haven't followed it since the Hornets left Charlotte," he said.

The Charlotte native opened his wallet a few weeks back, to promote the Hornets in a 15 second commercial. The commercial concept is simple, but Wilkerson says it gets his message out.

"If I can help bring back the Hornets, that is a plus for me," he said.

One of Wilkerson's customers, Gene Pollock, 88 said she was there for opening night in 1988.

"I think it may have been the day or two after we got married when I started going to the Hornets," she said.

She says she went to every home game until the Hornets left.

"I was sad. We really missed it," she said.

She says seeing commercials like Wilkerson's bring her back to a time when she looked forward to game day, and if there's even the slightest chance the Hornets will come back, the team will have a familiar face watching their every move on the court.

"I don't attend the basketball games now but I might if the Hornets came back," she said.

Wilkerson says he might create more commercials. He has joined forces with a local grassroots movement called "Bring Back The Buzz."

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