Multi-sensory room to help children with disabilities

Special room helps kids communicate

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Little Nicholas isn't able to say much.  Occasionally he'll make a sound.  He certainly doesn't like to be touched.

However, after just a few sessions in the new Multi-Sensory Room at the Easter Seals UCP Children's Center his speech pathologist has seen a major change.  He's becoming slightly more verbal.

"While he was in that zone I was able to touch him, which he doesn't like.  Outside of that room he would not have liked that touch.  He even took my hand and wanted to be hugged and leaned against me," said therapist Michelle Houston-Sykes.

There are rooms like this in other cities but those here in Charlotte say it is the first one on the east coast that is open to the community.

Easter Seals/UCP says 1 in every 6 children experience sensory symptoms that affect their everyday lives.  They experience sensory overload and can't focus.  This special room helps children focus and become more active, or more calm, depending on their needs.

Researchers claim time in an MSE (multi-sensory environment) can exhibit calmer and more controlled behavior for weeks following a session.

For more information about the Easter Seals UCP Yager Group Multi-Sensory Environment, click here.

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