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ALERT: Could a Pope be name one hour from now?

That's when the first vote to elect a Pope is set to happen - at 5:30 a.m. sharp. This is Christine Nelson on this Wednesday, March 13. I just wanted to send you this quick email on the stories we're watching closely when you turn on WBTV News This Morning. Don't forget, the morning show is streaming live on the web right now too!

RIGHT NOW: We're going to be showing you live pictures this morning from the Vatican. That's because the first vote on the second day of voting is set to happen at 5:30 this morning. Our producers, John Carter and I will be watching for black or white smoke coming from the Sistine Chapel chimney. Black means no majority decision. White means a new pope was chosen. Something big could very well happen about an hour from now so make sure you stay tuned!

LIVE: A pizza joint in Charlotte turned into a crime scene overnight. A brawl led to someone being stabbed. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee was first to the scene. He'll explain why the suspect is looking at some hospital time too.

Pets getting poisoned has become a growing issue. If you own a pet or are thinking about owning one you'll want to hear WBTV's Astrid Martinez's report this morning. She'll explain the mistake pet owners are making that is putting our four-legged friend's lives in jeopardy.

VIDEO ALERT: We cover vigils all the time on the news, to see images of a community coming together to remember those who have lost their lives. But video we obtained shows one vigil that turned violent...and two officials are to blame.

We'll see you on the air!


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