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Your car a mess? WBTV speaks with an expert who can help you de-clutter for good


If you're like many people you're car sometimes looks like a moving trash can.

So much clutter you're embarrassed to give people a ride.

But there's an easy way to clean up your act.

"We have what we like to call a hot mess going on here," says Anne Steppe with Simplicity Organizers.

People have turned to for years to declutter their life

Anne says the one biggest mistake people make with their vehicles is easy to fix.

"People live out of their cars, said Anne.

"The volume can add up very quickly between sports and activities and just everything just ends up in the car. And just like in your home you need a (organizing) system."

Anne said investing in good tools helps to create that system.

"We're going to take everything out, use some of the tools I bought today to create some systems and put everything back so that it makes some sense," said Anne.

If you make it easy for yourself, Anne says you're much more likely to stick to it.

But before you begin your car makeover, Anne cautions you must also declutter your home.

"In their car or their home people need a sense of order," said Anne.

And believe it or not you don't have to perfect to be organized.

"I think anyone can do this you just have to take the time and have a vision of what you need and the purpose you need your car to serve for you if you are very busy and on the go," said Anne.

The key to staying organized is everything must have its own place.

That's one reason people rarely lose their toothbrush, so if you use that same logic with your keys, your camera, other things.

You'll always know where to look.

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