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Road construction hurts business at Mooresville restaurant


A Mooresville restaurant owner is blaming road construction for nearly destroying his business.

Randy Rodecki spends most of his time working here at his restaurant, Carolina Ribs on the Run.

At one time business was booming, but that was before the state began widening Brawley School Road.

"The road construction was like the earthquake and we're still feeling the aftershocks," said Rodecki.

The construction project shut down one of the parking lot entrances to the plaza where the restaurant is located. There is a second entrance, but many people don't know it's there. So for 8 months, Randy says his business took a hit.

"Sundays I was pulling $1800 dollar days, Sundays now I'm pulling $800, during the construction I was pulling $200," said Rodecki.

That's not a lot of money for a business that needs to earn $850 a day just to stay open. Randy says he had no choice but to take out high-interest loans to stay afloat. Now his bottom line has hit rock bottom.

And what's more - the construction created another issue.

"Both entrances to the plaza are blocked off by medians. If you're not coming from a right hand direction you have to make a U-Turn at the median to get into this plaza," said Rodecki.

Randy says he would move, but he's locked into a leasing contract. Instead, he's reduced his staff from seven employees to just two. Hoping the state would compensate him, Randy sent letter after letter, only to be denied. Now, he's hoping other businesses won't have to pay the same price.

"I think a bill needs to be passed that any restaurant directly impacted by road construction be compensated for their losses," said Rodecki.

The State Department of Transportation late told WBTV that all claims have to be sent to the Department of Justice who will review it to see if there was any negligence on the state's part. If a claim is denied, it can be appealed to the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

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