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Top 10 consumer complaints of 2012


The Consumer Protection division of the Office of the North Carolina Attorney General has been busy, fielding 23,205 calls last year from angry consumers.

The topics range from home repair schemes and lending fraud to trouble with collection agencies and car repair businesses.

That is an increase in the number of calls received in 2011 by 25%.

"I think that is a reflection of the economy and the fact that we're getting out there more to let consumers know they can complain to our office if they have a problem," said North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Topping the list of complaints is unwanted calls from telemarketers, even when people have placed their phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry.

"It does protect you from calls from legitimate businesses and believe me if you were not on the registry you'd get significantly more calls from businesses.  Unfortunately we have seen a number of fraudulent companies living on the edge and not abiding by the registry and violating North Carolina law with pre-recorded calls," Cooper added.

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