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CMS task force tackles cultural competency


Charlotte-Mecklenburg school (CMS) system is ready to tackle cultural competency throughout the district.

The task force, assigned to make recommendations, met Wednesday to discuss what needs to be done.

They were told the work won't be easy and to find other individuals or groups that are doing this work and maybe CMS could partner with them.

The controversial diversity consultant Glenn Singleton's name came up. A clip of CMS superintendent Heath Morrison talking about why he thought Singleton was good for the job. Task Force members will offer feedback about what they think of Singleton. Morrison has not decided if he will hire Singleton to help CMS to be more culturally sensitive.

We asked one task force member her opinion of the consultant.

"It's one of those things," Task Force Member Dorothy Counts Scoggins said. "That I'll just have to wait and see. I am an observer."

Committee members were told how long CMS has been talking about diversity. Also committee members found out how diverse CMS student population is and how diverse the teaching staff is. Right now there are about 71% of CMS teachers are white and 23% of them are Black. The hope is if all teachers can understand and relate to students different languages and cultures academic achievement will go up.

"My concern is that people realize that this community has changed," Scoggins said. "And that we have more people living in this community. A lot of people don't realize that is needs to take place. We've got to start talking."

The next meeting for the Cultural Competency Task Force is at the end of March.

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