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Men are a growing share of nurses


A pivotal moment changed Mark Mullets life five years ago.

"A gentleman came in and collapsed on the floor," said Mark Mullet. 

"He was a truck driver.  He had a heart attack."

"After that I started thinking I want to do something a little different."

That's when Mark quit his job of 20 years to become a nurse.

"The stigma has gone away so it's more acceptable," said Brooke Grosse a Talent Acquisition Specialist with Novant Health Group.

"Now male nurses feel like they can go into the role now."

And many other males are following suit.  

"A lot of them are going into ICU, the emergency department wound care," said Grosse.

A new study from the United States Census says there are more male nurses than ever before.

"Coming straight out of nursing school it's a pretty good salary and there's a lot of advancement," said Grosse.

The report also states that male nurses are earning more than their female counterparts.

But Novant Health Group says pay in its organization is not gender specific.

"We base everything strictly on experience," said Grosse.

Novant says the nursing industry's low unemployment rate also contributes to the increase in males joining the ranks.

"We are never laying off nurses ever," said Grosse. 

"We are always looking for new nurses or experienced nurses."

Mark who has been a nurse now for three years says pay is not what attracted him to the career.

"But that's not what's driving me," said Mark. 

"What's driving me is my time and also what I really want to do."

A spokesperson for Novant said men are more likely to enter the nurse anesthetist field, which pays more than twice as much as other nursing fields, and least likely to become licensed practical or licensed vocational nurses, which offers the lowest pay.

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