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School officials face task of closing decisions


It will be a long night for many school district officials charged with the task of deciding whether or not to cancel school due to winter weather conditions.

"That's not looking too good for tonight," John Beckemeyer said looking at the radar on his smart phone.

Beckemeyer, the operations manager at Oak Hill School District, will be up at quarter after three in the morning to hit the roads.

"We're looking at temperatures, we're looking at conditions of the roads, we're talking to the townships trying to find out where they stand on it and how far they have to go until they have the roads ready," Beckemeyer said.

With four of his grand kids in the district, the snow day call is personal. He knows the winter weather can be especially dangerous for new drivers.

"Not just for me being inexperienced but people I think drive crazier when weather conditions are bad," student driver Jacob Gerke said.

"They go too fast," his Bick's driving instructor Jerry Jones echoed. "They don't slow down in the corners they don't slow down or realize how much stopping distance it takes."

Gerke, a sophomore at Elder, is hoping area schools will call it early. For districts, however, it is not about making the popular choice.

"I was at a thing one time and the bet was ‘Well when Oak Hills has another snow day'," Beckemeyer recounted.

Instead, he says it is about making the safe choice.

Beckemeyer says the district generally tries to make a final decision by 4:30 a.m. if possible. Once the decision is made they post it to their Twitter page and Facebook page.

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