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Gov. McCrory meets with NC mayors to discuss jumpstarting economy


NC Gov. Pat McCrory opened up the governor's mansion on Tuesday to mayors of North Carolina's largest cities.

The governor says our cities will be the economic engines that drive the state's recovery and he's talking about several initiatives between state and local leaders.

Gov. McCrory said a big part of his plan for getting people back to work in North Carolina involved a stronger tie with mayors. Many stood with him Tuesday inside the governor's mansion as he outlined what role cities had to play.
"Their are many small towns in the 10-30,000 citizen range where the unemployment rate is 15-20% and I think part of our economic development and commerce plan is going to be trying to connect those small rural towns with the potential economic prosperity of the closest major urban area," McCrory said.

Salisbury Mayor Paul Woodson agreed, citing a conversation he recently had with an economic development official in Georgia who told Woodson that North Carolina wasn't aggressive enough to win big companies.
"He said you're not going to get that company," Woodson said, "'We're more aggressive', but maybe in a few months we'll have a new governor, which we do and maybe he can help us be more aggressive and I think economic development for this state is so so important and we've go to do everything we can to work together to recruit as many companies as we can in here."
Woodson said the state would have to be aggressive when it came to offering incentives to bring companies to the Tar Heel State.

McCrory said that's where local governments, the cities these mayors lead, will have to look beyond their own city limits.
"I asked each of them to reach out beyond their cities to help a small rural town be a part of their long term economic development plan," McCrory said.
McCrory said he also talked with these mayors about mass transit, cultural services, every issue imaginable that's important to the citizens."
The governor was asked about a number of other topics. He said that he supports voter ID in North Carolina but believes there should be protections in place for those without immediate access to an ID.
McCrory also said that his top priority this week was reforming the state's health and human services system, and fixing the Medicaid system. He promised much more on that topic later this week.

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