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See, Click, Fix: Viewer takes issue with flooded sidewalk


Viewer, Paul, sent us a photo last month and posted this concern on our See, Click, Fix page at "...water, now frozen over, is pouring down the sidewalk from a leaking hydrant. I reported this to the city...and nothing was done about."

The problem looked the same when See, Click, Fix visited the problem in person last week on University Boulevard by UNC-Charlotte.

WBTV's Christine Nelson sent an email with all this information to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Department. The company responded the same day!

CMUD says it's actually not a leaking hydrant but the contractor, who is doing demolition work on the adjacent property, using water from the hydrant for their demolition. This is standard procedure.

Nelson took that a step further and reached out to the contractor. They just finished up the project Friday, so right now water coming from the hydrant should no longer be an issue.

It's important to note: If that project was still going on, CMUD says it is the responsibility of the contractor to make sure the sidewalk is safe for pedestrian use.

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