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Wedding planning on Pinterest


There are no more guessing games when Amy Craparo is creating a wedding cake.

Instead of looking through magazine clippings or listening to clients describing what they want, the owner of Wow Factor Cakes uses another tool.

"It's very hard for some folks to do that to verbalize actually what they're looking," says Amy.

"When brides send over their pinterest inspiration board, before they even walk through the door I have an idea of that what they are looking for."

Pinterest is a free web site where users "pin" photos of items to their photo collection.

"People are very visual so the more visual images you get in front of clients the better it is," says Amy.

The photos can be organized under specific topics, such as wedding dresses or cakes.

Then other users can see the photos and re-pin the ones they like to their own Pinterest accounts. 

Amy says the site has revolutionized wedding planning for the better.

"Because it's so visual, because you get a sense of every aspect of the wedding planning, their dress, their decor their color palette," says Amy.

With Pinterest she is not only creating more detailed cakes, Amy is also creating more clientele.

"To get our work out there, to see what others are doing in the industry, to keep up on trends."

According to Nielsen,  approximately 68 percent of the site's users are female, and nearly one-third of those women are ages 25 to 34.

So it's no wonder Pinterest seems to be booming with the wedding industry.


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