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Private firm sets record straight over alleged club beating during CIAA


A private firm is setting the record straight about its alleged involvement in a club beating during CIAA.

The Kodiak Company told WBTV Tuesday night it had nothing to do with the assault of Felicia Cunningham, of Raleigh at the Daisy Dooks Strip Club Saturday night.

"Anything that goes on in the parking lot was our responsibility," said Chief Wilbert Carter who said his officers only job that night was to secure the parking lot.

Also called Cameo, Carter said the club hired about 80 bouncers from Atlanta company to provide security on the inside.

"Yes, they needed 80 bouncers," he said. "It was a lot of people."

Nearly three thousand according to Carter.

Felicia Cunningham was one of them. There to see rapper Drake perform, she told WBTV Monday night.

"We came to see Drake," she recalled. "That's not what we saw."

The first red flag, she says: not knowing it was a strip club till they got there.

Online, the venue was called Cameo and there was no mention of the venue being called Daisy Dooks or the fact that it was a strip club.

Since the women spent $1,600 spent on a VIP table, they didn't want to leave.

Other problems followed: someone stole her purse and she says they openly witnessing strippers performing sexual acts.

"We're actually descended on in the VIP by strippers," she said. "They're becoming very aggressive saying we want to sit down here."

That's when Cunningham said her sister called for the bouncers working inside the Daisy Dukes Club.  But when the men came to the VIP area, she says they threw her group out, and then beat her. 

"They slammed my head against the wall," she tearfully recalled. "I never had anybody do that to me. They were five men. Five. Pulling my hair. My arms have bruises all the way down my arm. My ribs are bruised."

Once outside, Cunningham said they told officers with the Kodiak Company what happened. But Cunningham says those officers told them they couldn't go inside because of the club hired another firm for the inside.    

Chief Carter said one of his officer's did speak to Cunningham outside afterward.

"The officer said 'who pushed you'," he recalled. "She said, 'one of the bouncers'. Well there's over 80 bouncers in there."

The next day, Cunningham filed a report, went to the ER and then contacted the club's owner who she says offered to help.

"Even though Daisy Dooks isn't responsible and we don't have anything to do with it, we're gonna help you," she said. 

But Cunningham says there has been no help and says she wants others to learn from her experience.

"If it's a strip club, it's a strip club," she said. "Do your homework, don't be naive."

WBTV has repeatedly contacted Daisy Dooks (also known as Cameo) to speak to the owner. We contacted them again Tuesday night and were told the owner was out of town.

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