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McCrory disputes Raleigh/Charlotte discord


Governor Pat McCrory says he's not in a Raleigh state-of-mind.

He came home to Charlotte Monday for the first jobs announcement of his administration, and sat down with WBTV's Melissa Hankins for a one-on-one interview.

"I'm trying to be on the road at least two days out of every week so I don't get trapped in the bubble of Raleigh, because it's a trap that can engulf your thinking," McCrory said. "It's good to be back home to clear your head."

Not to mention the air, which has been thick with political discord.

While everyone wore smiles at the Chamber of Commerce meeting McCrory presided over, Chamber President Bob Morgan recently admonished both local and state leaders for what he called growing tension between Charlotte and Raleigh.

He said it was endangering the city's business reputation.

First there were strong words over streetcar.

McCrory recently panned the plans during a closed door meeting. 

Mayor Anthony Foxx claimed McCrory was threatening his staff.

McCrory says the situation was overblown. "It was about a 20 second conversation I had with your assistant city manager," he said. "A while back while they were visiting my office. It was actually meant to be helpful advice on how to deal with Raleigh."

Something Charlotte hasn't always been successful with.

The Queen City and the state capital have had their rivalries. But when Charlotte's long-time mayor became governor, many assumed relations would improve.

But, this time around, McCrory says most of the problems are Charlotte's own.

"Actually, most of the tension is not among Raleigh and Charlotte right now," he said. "I think you have factions within Charlotte that are fighting each other."

Certainly true when it comes to streetcar. But what about the intense controversy at the airport?

Foxx and other local leaders say Raleigh Republicans are trying to wrestle control of Charlotte Douglas away from them.

McCrory says the problem lies closer to home.

"That is a conflict between business and the political community in Charlotte," he said. "The airport legislation that's coming to Raleigh did not come from Raleigh. It came from Charlotte."

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