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Looking for Love? Check out... Walmart?


If you are looking for love, a new study shows you should probably head over to your local Walmart store.

According to the study from Psychology Today, Walmart is the most common hotspot for "Missed Connections" posts on Craigslist.com.

Dorothy Gambrell put together the "Missed Connections" map of the United States, which appeared in the February issue of Psychology Today.

The map, which breaks down, state-by-state, the most common hotspots for Missed Connections posted on Craigslist, has been making a stir on the web over the past couple of days.

Walmart took the lead, being the most common place in 15 different states - including North Carolina.

Just to the south, in South Carolina, more people were missing love at football games.

Other states had their own spots for missed love; Oklahoma had the state fair, New Yorkers nearly met someone in transit, while Californians patted themselves on the backs for working out all the time.

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