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No CIAA crown, but lots of love shown today for Livingstone


They didn't take the CIAA crown this weekend, but the basketball team from Salisbury's Livingstone College set records and accomplished things on the court that have never been done in the history of the school.

So on Monday the college president wanted the team to know how proud everyone is of this season.

"If you see this group of young men their eyes kind of tell it all," said Coach James Stinson.   "They're definitely hurt because we want to complete the task."

Livingstone College President Dr. Jimmie Jenkins said this was no place for heads to hang down. The school put on a big pep rally to celebrate it's most successful season in school history and a regular season championship led by stars such as Mark Thomas.

"It was a great season for the school, a lot of history being made here," Thomas told WBTV. "We're just glad that we could do something special for the school, something that hasn't been done before."

And maybe those low expectations at the start of the season ignited something in this team.  Livingstone was picked to finish 5th out of 6 teams in the CIAA Southern Division.  The Blue Bears ended up as regular season champs.

"I like being the underdog," said Ethan Anderson.  "I like being counted out. It put a chip on our shoulder from the very beginning and it gave us that fight and hunger and drive to really succeed and prove people wrong."

And for all they did on the court, Coach James Stinson characterizes the team's humility, and one big goal accomplished off the court.

"Humility has always been a part of this team, at the end of  every game we always say to God be the glory and that's exactly what we mean," Stinson added. "Academically all of these young men are solid, they're coming into the team averaging 2.93 GPA and I was very proud of that, so they'll matriculate and they will graduate."

The season may not be over, the team could still get a bid to the NCAA Division II tournament, they'll have to wait a little more than week to find out.

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