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Even at age 83, Virginia Graves isn't slowing down


How do you plan to spend your 83rd birthday? Running up and down the court at a basketball game trying to keep up with kindergartners?

A woman in Salisbury did just that this weekend. Her name is Virginia Graves, and Saturday was a special day for her.

"Well, one thing, it's my birthday. I turned 83," Graves told WBTV.

For the last ten years she's been coaching a team of kindergarten basketball players for Upward Basketball in Salisbury at First Baptist Church in the First Ministry Center.

She's a great encourager, and tough disciplinarian.

Folks will tell you Virginia is a special lady. She was nurse in a MASH unit in Korea, her fiance died in the war, and since then she's devoted herself to her church and children.

There have been other struggles. A few years ago a tree fell and crushed her house but not her spirit. She wasn't hurt, but had to move out. The church let her use an apartment. Through it all, she has kept going.

"I just thank God that I have been able to get out of bed every morning and go about my business, but working with these children is the most enjoyable," Graves added.

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