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5K Trail Run kicks off with a snowy start

Courtesy: Joel Collins Photography Courtesy: Joel Collins Photography

The inaugural 5k Trail Run to benefit "Go Jen Go", a local breast cancer charity, got off to a snowy start on Saturday. 

Organizers expected hundreds of people at McAlpine Creek Park.  They didn't expect the snow.

But flurries didn't discourage anyone's excitement, least of all Jen Pagani for whom the Charlotte-based charity is named.  She and her husband Joe were there first, and left last.

Jen has been fighting inflammatory breast cancer for five years.  "Go Jen Go" is her dream child of a group to help other local women and mothers and fighters like her. 

In this first race, "Go Jen Go" raised $60,000.  She and Joe called it a resounding success.

Anchor Molly Grantham emceed.

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