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Arias faces questions from jurors


Jodi Arias' defense attorney has finished questioning her in her Arizona death penalty case after a day of testimony that largely repeated previous details from the day she killed her lover Travis Alexander.

Tuesday was the 15th day she has testified in her first-degree murder trial.

On Wednesday, Arias faced questions from jurors, many of whom have feverishly kept notes during the proceedings. It's a process that only happens in a handful of states, giving attorneys a look at what the jury is thinking about.

Q: "Why did you place Travis's body back in the shower?

A: "I could only speculate because I don't remember."

The jury had lots of questions, but some answers were hard to come by.

Q: "Why would you take the time to delete the photos off your camera after you killed Travis?"

A:  "When things happened, I don't have memory of it."

Q: "Why did you put the camera in the washer?"

A: "I don't have memory of that."

Q:  "What happened to the clothes you were wearing on June 4, 2008?"

A: "I don't remember."

Arias' memory loss was called into question more than once.

Q: "Why is it that you cannot remember when Travis lent you money, but you remember the exact amount that you lent him all three times?"

Q: "How is it that you remember so many of your sexual encounters, including your ex-boyfriends, but you do not remember stabbing Travis and dragging his body?"

A: "I know that that was the most traumatic experience of my life."

Members of the jury came up with about 100 questions for Judge Sherry Stephens to ask Arias. Some of them are what many court watchers have also been asking. 

Q:  "Why would you continue to sleep with Travis after you learned of his child porn issues?"

Q: "After you shot Travis, why not run out of the house to get away?

A: Initially, that was my attempt.

There were thoughtful questions about the day Arias killed Alexander.

Q: "How did you have time to get the gun down if he was right behind you?"

A: "I don't know if he was right behind me or not. I just had the sense that he was chasing after me."

And although Arias was an admitted shutterbug, there were no photos of some of her claims.

Q: "Did you ever take pictures of yourself after he hit you?"

A: "No, I did not."

Q: "Did you take pictures of the Spider-Man underwear?"

A:  "I did not take pictures of those because that's embarrassing."

Questions from the jury to Arias were personal.

Q: "How many men were you willing to be involved with at the same time?"

And at least one of them probed a possible motive:

Q:  "Would it be fair to say you were upset he was taking another woman to Cancun?"

A: "No, I was not upset. I wasn't upset at all actually."

Arias' attorney Monday tried to undo damage to her self-defense claims in killing Alexander that prosecutors inflicted during tough questioning last week.

Monday was another graphic day in court with jurors hearing the sex tape for a second time.

Arias was asked repeatedly about sex acts she performed with Alexander. Her lawyer pressed her on whether she liked them. Arias said not all the time but that she played along because she liked the attention that came along with them.

Then, jurors took another listen and look at the phone sex call. This time the defense added in subtitles for Alexander's most graphic moments, even choosing to capitalize the explicit words.

Questions seemed geared toward painting Alexander as the overly sexual one in the relationship.

The 32-year-old is charged in the June 2008 killing of her lover in his suburban Phoenix home. She says it was self-defense, but police say she planned the attack on Alexander in a jealous rage. Arias initially told authorities she had nothing to do with Alexander's death, then blamed it on masked intruders before settling on self-defense.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez concluded his cross-examination of Arias on Thursday after hammering her over repeated lies. Authorities are working toward a first-degree murder conviction in order to try for a death sentence.

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    Jodi Ann Arias stands accused of shooting, stabbing and slitting the throat of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in June 2008.More >>
    Jodi Ann Arias stands accused of shooting, stabbing and slitting the throat of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in June 2008.More >>
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