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Rising gas prices may be causing crimes


Gas prices continue to skyrocket in Charlotte and it's hitting residents hard.

The daily average gasoline price is $3.79 per gallon in Charlotte and that has been fluctuating over the last couple of days. 

And some local businesses are paying a much higher price because of theft.

"We are seeing more recurrence of it, to have gas siphoned from overnight trucks," said CMPD Officer Craig Allen.

He says thieves are sneaking onto lots stealing gas from fleet trucks.

"Someone can come up very easily remove the gas cap and just stick a hose in there and just start siphoning the gas off," said Allen.

And companies are losing several hundreds of dollars with each hit.

"It's a drain on their resources because it cost money to replace those gallons of diesel fuel that's being taken and diesel fuel is $4 plus a gallon now," said Allen.

"When the cost of gas or the cost of diesel starts getting very expensive."

But you can help protect your own vehicles, with a minor purchase.

"To minimize it could have a lock and gas cap," said Allen.

"It slows them down and it makes them work a little bit harder." 

The locks can be found at almost any auto-parts store. 

For larger trucks you need a different strategy.

"Just kind of minimize the amount of gallons you keep in your tank overnight."

And make filling up a morning task.

Police tell WBTV News that these crimes happen mostly overnight.

Officers are not sure if people are stealing gas because they need it or whether they are reselling it for extra cash. 

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