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Severe weather awareness week kicks off in the Carolinas

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - With the peak of severe weather season just a few weeks away, now is the time to make sure you're prepared in case severe storms affect you.

Severe weather season, known for its increase in thunderstorm activity, is generally thought of as running from March through May. In the Southeastern US, a secondary peak also occurs in late October and November. At these times of year, we see the most tornadoes in the Carolinas. While this time frame does produce the warm temperatures and moisture associated with severe weather, storms can occur any day of the year, so you should always have a plan in place in case storms begin brewing over your neighborhood.

Have an emergency weather radio. This will alert you anytime a warning is issued in your area. In North Carolina, two thirds of tornado deaths occur at night (over half in South Carolina), so having a way to be alerted in advance could save your life.

Additionally, you will need an emergency kit, with supplies for everyone in the household. FEMA has a recommended checklist for your emergency kit here.

Also, make sure everyone knows what to do if watches or warnings are issued for your area.

Tomorrow's topic: "What makes a thunderstorm severe?"

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