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CIAA resolves lawsuits against several promoters


The Charlotte attorney that filed a lawsuit on behalf of the CIAA tells WBTV the cases will likely be dropped against several promoters.

The suit, filed February 14, claimed several promoters were not authorized to use the tournament's name and logo to promote their parties.  

It alleged their parties "unfairly compete with official CIAA sponsored events" and "falsely creates the impression these events...are authorized, sponsored or approved by the plaintiff, when they are not."

Attorney Carlos Watson said the "CIAA resolved lawsuits with all named defendants." Those defendants included Allure Life Entertainment, Michael Walker, Southern Dynasty Entertainment, Torri Entertainment, 5th Element and Dream Nightclubs, Maz Entertainment, Neighborhood Theatre, BrightWork Entertainment, Paradice Entertainment, Lion Tribe Entertainment and various John Does, Jane Does and online advertisers, party promoters, concert promoters and merchandise counterfeiters.

Watson said filings will be made soon to dissolve the suit.

A permanent injunction is in place so companies cannot use the CIAA logo or name without written permission.

"The league's position was never about money, but the CIAA's legacy and to maintain its good name," Watson said.

Watson said he was glad to see this resolution and hopes people in the future will no infringe on trademarks.

"We're doing a service for the community..people come out have a good time," Promoter for 5th Element Nightclub Jemel Sturdivant said. Sturdivant said he didn't see the harm in using the CIAA name or logo in advertisements and said it was done in the past without any problems.

A cease and desist letter was sent asking companies to stop using the name and logo.

"We had to throw away fliers, we had to remake stuff," Sturdivant said.

Indeed, a check Friday of some of the website and companies named in the suit appear to have corrected their marketing tools.

Elvado Lang of Paradice Entertainment said he feels this was a "misunderstanding on the part of both parties."

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