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Tornado victims recall shocking night one year later


It happened a year ago this weekend, and damaged 49 homes in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus County.

In Harrisburg, a subdivision is still bouncing back from a tornado that came overnight, woke people up, and sent them running for safety.

We revisited the Steeple Chase subdivision where 20 homes were damaged.

Last year delivered an unforgettable overnight blow, and 12 months later the tornado of 2012 is still fresh on the minds of families living in Harrisburg's Steeple Chase subdivision.

Nicole Burkett made a dash for cover.

"The TV flickered. My boyfriend at the time heard it, and we all ran into the bathroom. Me, my roommate, and my boyfriend," she said.

Burkett clings to the memories, and in many yards are the visible reminders.

Missing shingles, debris that blows in the wind and the limbs sheered from the tops of trees all offer an unforgettable flashback to a night of terror.

At one home in Steeplechase, contractors are just days away from making it livable again.

James Ritchie is with Eco Mechanical Solutions

He said, "It's probably the worst I've seen. Water damage everywhere."

Jack Edwards remains grateful for those who responded to an unexpected wake up call.

His home had just a few blemishes.

"I lost six shingles and screens off the windows," Edwards recalls.

Damage that now seems to be small, after considering the big picture.

"All the houses seem to be rebuilt. The trees are still gone, but everybody is doing good."

One year later, restoration continues on a number of fronts at Steeplechase.

It's not just repairing frayed wires, but also healing shattered emotions.

Meanwhile, The National Weather Services reported that it was an

E-F-2 tornado, and damage was estimated at nearly two million dollars.

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