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After school mix up leads to tense moments


A Conover mother is still reeling after an elementary school put her two sons on a school bus instead of a daycare van.

Tiffany Robinson says the mistake resulted in her 5-year old and 7-year old going home to a locked house because no one was there.

Jalil and Jalen Robinson usually go to the family's daycare, Word of Life Academy, when school dismisses. But on February 15th, the driver of the day care van went to the wrong pick up location at Shuford Elementary.

Students going to daycare facilities after school wait in an area not far from school buses. The driver of the daycare van, instead, joined the line picking up students who go home by car.

When the day care driver didn't show up at the designated spot, a teacher put the Robinson brothers on the school bus they take in the mornings.

The school bus driver dropped off the two boys at the bus stop near their house. They walked to their house - but couldn't get in because no one was home. They left.

When the driver of the day care van notified the Tiffany Robinson her sons went home on the school bus, Robinson says she was frantic.

"I was scared because I knew my parents weren't home" she says.

School officials realized what happened and two staff members went out to search. Family members and police also combed the area for the two kids.

School officials say their workers found the Jalil and Jalen at a house down the street. The children were not hurt.

Still, their mother says she's upset.

"I filled out a paper that says afternoon Word of Life Academy. They're not bus riders so teachers shouldn't have put them on the bus" says Robinson. "I really don't want to say it was a mistake but the teacher knew they don't ride the bus in the afternoons. She should have been more responsible and sent them back in."

 "Anytime we have a child in a place they shouldn't be or they are not assigned, we're concerned" says Sylvia White of the Newton Conover City Schools. "Safety of our children is our number one priority. Making sure we have their safety in mind is the most important we do."

White says because of the incident, they made some changes.

Daycare vans no longer have a designated spot. Drivers of daycare vans now pick up students in the same area as kids going home in cars.

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