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Have you heard of orienteering? It's all the rage


If you get lost on your way to meet Walter Siegenthaler chances are he will help you find your way.

"We do set up a course or several courses and the object of orienteering is that from the start you go out and find different control locations, checkpoints," said Walter.

He has been finding his way in and out of unfamiliar terrain for more than 40 years.

"I grew up in Switzerland, so I got started actually in school," said Walter.

He is a champion orienteer.

"The goal is to do it as quick as possible and beat everyone else but we have a lot of people coming out doing it recreational," said Walter.

The speed sport tests navigational skills, requiring people trek though rough terrain using only maps and compasses for guidance.

There is much more to orienteering than just knowing your way around.

Along the way, they must find and a series of checkpoints usually marked by flags.

The first contestant out of the woods wins.

More than 300 usually come to these meets and the great thing is that the activity is suitable for people of all ages.

They also offer different courses ranging from beginners to more advanced.

The Carolina Orienteering Klubb will have a meet that is open to the public this Saturday march 22nd.

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