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CIAA moving its headquarters to Charlotte?


One Charlotte City councilman has big plans for the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA). Councilman James Mitchell wants the CIAA headquarters to move to Charlotte. Here's his message to the CIAA Board of Directors.

"Hey wouldn't you like to be a permanent fixture here," Mitchell said. "And let's talk about moving your headquarters and make Charlotte you new permanent home."

Mitchell says since Charlotte is becoming known as a sports destination, why not try to lure the headquarters from Hampton, VA to Charlotte, NC.

"As we continue to brand ourselves as a great amateur city," Mitchell said. "Having the CIAA headquarters here, that just gives us more credibility."

The politician says since Charlotte is getting a new baseball field and other improvements that makes Charlotte an attractive place for CIAA.

"Now you can have the CIAA baseball tournament," the council member said. "We are about to build an amateur facility on the Bojangles arena - now you can have the CIAA volleyball. Now you can feel very comfortable in Charlotte - you can do it all."

CIAA commissioner must first make a recommendation to move.

"It's a conversation we have to have," Commissioner Jacqie Carpenter said. "You are talking about uprooting staff and their families, my family. It's a process."

"We have an uphill battle," Mitchell said. "But I think it's a battle worth fighting for."

Mitchell says he is ready to offer the CIAA a deal it can't refuse.

"I put it on the same level of having Chiquita come." Mitchell said.

If a recommendation is made CIAA college presidents would have to vote on it. Some presidents are not convinced moving is the best thing to do.

"I think the board would have to look at a number of variables," Saint Augustine University President Dianne Suber said. "And I really do think whatever the board thinks is in the best interest of the conference,not individual schools but in the best interest of the conference. I think the board will make a good decision."

Mitchell wants to make a presentation to the CIAA board of directors sometime this summer.

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