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Making the most out of a college visit


With school vacations around the corner families are packing up the car for road trips and campus tours.

If you have a sophomore or junior in high school now is the time to visit.

"Come to the university and check out the facilities and see how they basically fit in," said UNC Charlotte director of Undergraduate Admissions Claire Kirby.

Also take some time to mill about the campus and talk with students.

This lets you know how happy they are with the college.

Make sure to take the time to uncover the real story behind the pretty presentation and marketing materials.

"Parents and students should plan to stay probably two to three hours," said Kirby.

She says most families will sit obediently in information sessions soaking up what is said.

And few will raise their hands and ask the tough questions.

Kirby said it's a good idea to ask questions like what percentage of students graduate in 4 years?

A 5th year of college can bust your budget if you aren't prepared for it.

Campus visits can be overwhelming but leaving without all the information can be a costly mistake.

There are campus visits that last longer than a couple hours.

Ask the school about overnight stays if you need a better feel of the campus.

Other questions to consider asking:

Question 1: What percentage of students return for sophomore year? Junior year?

Question 2: Does the college offer merit aid, and what factors are considered when determining merit?

Question 3: How easy is it to transfer colleges within the university?

Question 4: What percentage of students who start in pre-med, finish in pre-med?

Question 5: What support are students given to secure internships?

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