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Employee accidentally emails out list of learning challenged students


Parents at one Charlotte middle school are upset after a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools employee sent an email to other parents listing over 150 students who face learning challenges in the classroom.

Officials at Alexander Graham Middle School say it was an accident. Dozens of 8th grade parents received the email with page after page of personal information.

Parent Quonkisha Eaves says she's upset that her 13-year-old son's personal information hit the email inboxes of complete strangers.

"That's private information…and all the other information shouldn't have been released for everybody to see," Eaves said.

The email, sent Tuesday afternoon by a school employee lists dozens of students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. It singles out children who need special accommodations to help them learn. Examples include separate settings, reading aloud, and extra time.

"My son does receive special services," Eaves said.

WBTV contacted CMS about the email. A spokeswoman says an employee mistakenly sent the email to parents instead of staff. A few hours later, Principal Robert Folk sent 8th grade parents another email, asking them to delete the original email with personal information.

"It's out there so it's a done deal," Eaves said.

Principal Robert Folk went on to say in an email that he'll personally make sure the same situation won't happen again.

There are over 150 students on the list and they are divided into multiple categories. Some kids names appear several times.

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