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Shop owner charged with stolen items: drugs, guns, and identification cards

Evidence taken from store. Photo courtesy Iredell Co. Sheriff's Office Evidence taken from store. Photo courtesy Iredell Co. Sheriff's Office

After a six-month investigation, the Iredell County Sheriff's Office arrested a local store owner.

Philip Bruce Razor of Catawba owns the North Carolina Gold and Diamond Exchange on Signal Hill Drive in Statesville.

The 53-year-old is charged with possession of stolen firearms, precious metal violations of failing to obtain identification upon purchasing precious metals, trafficking in Schedule IV controlled substances, possession of Schedule II and IV controlled substances, conspiracy to commit breaking and entering, possession of weapon of mass destruction, and trafficking in fraudulent identifications.

Investigators say detectives conducted several undercover operations in which jewelry was sold to the shop owner after receiving information that Razor was possibly involved in purchasing stolen property and purchasing precious metals without identifying the seller.

By North Carolina State law, a dealer must obtain a permit to buy precious metals and must keep required records. The dealer is also supposed to assist law enforcement by obtaining identification and a photo of the jewelry or precious metals sold, and forward the information to law enforcement. This helps when jewelry and precious metals are stolen - detectives can track down where it was sold and often find the thief.

But detectives say Razor was not complying with state law and was purchasing jewelry "under the table". 

A search warrant was executed February 21 at the North Carolina Gold and Diamond Exchange. Investigators found several stolen items, including two firearms stolen from neighboring counties. The search also yielded other firearms, and a sawed-off shotgun. Detectives identified property taken during residential breaking and entering cases.  Investigators also found several types of pills in Razor's possession; he did not have a prescription for them.

Investigators say Razor was also purchasing identification cards from individuals. One ID card found at the business was confirmed to belong to a deceased person. Detectives also obtained evidence the fraudulent cards were used to falsify other documents.

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