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Ways parents can promote good dental hygiene at home


Kids at local one practice are all smiles when it comes to visiting their dentist.

The doctor there is finding ways for her little patients to enjoy the experience and at the same time teach healthy habits.

Here's why, even before our kids teeth appear for us to see, they are there!

And you want to maintain their healthy smile by starting good habits when they're young. 

"Get them a toothbrush, let them hold it, let them play with it," said Dr. Melissa Stewart.

Try bringing them with you to the dentist's office, that way children can become familiar with the visit.

"By age three they're usually a lot more comfortable to let you open their mouth and look in their mouth," said Dr, Stewart.

"I try to make it fun. You show them everything you're going to use before you use it in their mouth."

That way children can see it's not a scary event.

"It's more getting them used to a dentist and starting them young and just to make sure the teeth are developing normally," said Dr. Stewart.

She also uses a tool called www.dentalvibe.com.

It vibrates and distracts the patient from injections making the process pain free.

Here are some tips that parents can follow to help their kids maintain a health smile:

Make sure kids brush for two full minutes twice a day; monitor them if you have to so they do it properly.

And make sure kids visit the dentist every six months.

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