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CIAA underway, declared "extraordinary event"


CIAA officially kicks off Tuesday and Charlotte Mecklenburg Police are ready for the nearly 200 thousand estimated to flock to Center City this week.

The tournament has been declared an "extraordinary event", which is as a large scale event or an event of national or international significance which might attract a significant number of people to a certain geographic area of the city.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, the extraordinary event is already in effect. It ends Sunday, March 3 at 6:00 a.m.

The boundaries of the CIAA extraordinary event are the outside right of way or property lines of West Stonewall Street at Church Street, East to South Davidson Street, then South Davidson Street North to 9th Street, then 9th Street West to North Church Street, and then North Church Street Southward back to Stonewall Street.

During an Extraordinary Event, the following items are prohibited:

  • Bars, chains, shafts, cables, or plastic pipe capable of inflicting serious injury 
  • A container or object of sufficient weight that may be used as a projectile, or that contains objects that may be used as a projectile that could inflict serious injury to a person or damage property 
  • An aerosol container, spray gun or soaker device 
  • A paint gun, etching materials, spray paint container, liquid paint or marker containing a fluid that is not water soluble 
  • A backpack, duffle bag, satchel, cooler, or other item carried with the intent to conceal weapons or other prohibited items 
  • A glass or breakable container capable of being filled with a flammable or dangerous substance carried with the intent to inflict serious injury to a person or damage to property 
  • A sharp or bladed object such as a box cutter, utility knife, ice pick, or axe 
  • A hammer or crow bar 
  • Pepper spray, mace or any other irritant carried with the intent to delay, obstruct or resist the lawful orders of a law enforcement officer 
  • Body armor, shield, helmet, protective pads, or gas masks carried or worn with the intent to delay, obstruct or resist the lawful orders of a law enforcement officer 
  • A mask or scarf worn with the intent to hide one's identity while committing a crime 
  • A police scanner 
  • Rocks, bottles, objects, bricks, or pieces thereof that are of sufficient weight or design as to cause serious injury to a person if thrown at or struck upon another 
  • A device used to shoot, hurl, or project a missile of any description capable of inflicting serious injury to a person 
  • A "sock" or "pocket" containing material of sufficient weight as to cause serious injury to a person if thrown or struck upon another 
  • Fireworks, smoke bombs, sparklers and stink bombs 
  • An animal unless specifically allowed as a service animal used to assist a person with a disability. However residents will be able to walk their dog within the extraordinary event boundaries without fear of arrest. 

But fans like Arlene Creek are just glad it's finally CIAA time once again.

"On Sunday when you leave, you're already looking forward to the next year to come back," she said. "Never had a concern, never had a fear," she said. "It's always been just pleasant."

And Charlotte Mecklenburg Police want it to stay that way. Expect to see plenty of officers in Center City this week, on every street corner -- just like last year.

Major Jeff Estes says officers will be putting in a lot of hours this week.

"Some officers will be on eight hour shift, some on 10 and of course there's always the possibility we may hold officers over long depending the event and crowd sizes," he said.

And the crowds are impressive as more than 190 thousand descended on Uptown last year.

The other focus: working more closely with promoters and private security this year.

"I can tell you we have a focus on large venues where CIAA entertainment will be provided or parties will be held just so we make sure there's a good safe environment," said Estes.

CMPD also told WBTV it will be working with the fire marshal to make sure overcrowding isn't an issue at any of the venues.

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