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Local agencies still waiting to hear about sequestration


Many eyes are on the countdown to sequestration.

This Friday, 85 Billion dollars worth of federal budget cuts are scheduled to go into effect.

Tonight we're on your side digging deeper to find out what this will really mean for you.

If leaders in Washington fail to act, the White House says 350 teaching jobs in North Carolina would be at risk, and 80 schools would receive less funding.

They also say up to 13-hundred disadvantaged children could lose child care, and claim public health in the state will suffer.

Recent conversations over government cuts are putting targets on the backs of TSA employees.

Flight delays could be one of the side effects of sequestration.

Bob McAlpine is among the passengers at Charlotte Douglas International.

He said, "I think it's a bit of a hype so I'm comfortable."

Local airline passengers may be on to something.

Case in point, Monday's headline in today's edition of The Hill Newspaper says the GOP warns USDA against furloughing meat inspectors to deal with sequester.

Poultry inspections in places like nearby Union County may be affected, but agriculture agents there are unaware of what it could do in local chicken plants.

President Obama made an appeal to the nation's governors who are in Washington.

"When we work together, North, South, East and West Democrats and Republicans, "he said. "We can accomplish so much more together than we can on our own."

Specifics based on the president's talking points haven't yet trickled down to Charlotte.

Work study jobs could be on the chopping block at local colleges, but CPCC hasn't gotten the word.

It's the same with meals on wheels, and the county health department was unaware of any possible service reductions.

Last week, local senior citizens sounded the battle cry over proposed Medicaid cuts.

Worry can be found among those in this group, but back at the airport travelers call it all political game.

Darren Fordham is among those at the airport who feels that it will be business as usual.

"It think it's complete hog wash. I think it's blown out of proportion" Fordham said." Everyone is talking and trying to make it the worst case scenario. I just don't see it."

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