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AAA reminds drivers 'dnt txt n drV'


Tri-State drivers are reminded to not text and drive thanks to a new campaign unveiled on Monday.

AAA installed the first billboard in their 'Don't Text and Drive' campaign. Ohio's texting and driving ban will take full effect on Friday, and AAA's billboards hope to remind drivers of the law.

The first of 22 billboards going up in the Cincinnati area was put up in Oakley on Monday.

The Oakley billboard reads 'dnt txt n drV... It's the law', located at the intersection of Brotherton Road and Marburg Avenue.

FOX19 also has a campaign called 'Put Down The Phone & Make It Home'. According to the NHTSA, distracted driving kills and injures thousands of people each year. The battle against distracted driving starts with you.

Follow this link to take the pledge and make the commitment to Put Down The Phone & Make It Home -

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