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FAA announces potential airport tower closings

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The Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration announced a listing of airport towers scheduled for closure if their budget sequestration goes through on March 1.

The Hickory Regional Airport was one of five on the list of closures in North Carolina as a result of the pending federal budget sequestration.

The Hickory Regional Airport's tower is a FAA contract tower. The City of Hickory does not oversee that contract, the FAA does, a report from Hickory officials states.

"At the Hickory Regional Airport, we have had a contract tower program for almost 15 years.  This program has provided great service for us and it has provided important air traffic safety services to our flying community," said Terry Clark, Manager of the Hickory Regional Airport.

The City of Hickory said they have contacted their federal delegation and expressed their concerns with the budget cuts. Officials say the City does not know the full impact that the potential budget cuts will have, but is hopeful that these budget cuts will not come into effect and can be worked out in other ways.

After a determination by the federal budget sequestration is made on March 1, the City will release more information on the impact to the Hickory Regional Airport tower.

For a detailed list of all potential tower closings, visit http://www.faa.gov/news/updates/media/Facilities_Could_Be_Closed.pdf.

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