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President's executive actions trigger response


About 200 East Texans gathered at Rose City Flying Clays in Tyler for "A Day of Resistance."

Organizers of the event tell KLTV it is a national movement taking place in more than 100 cities.

The organizers of the event in Tyler said the event is a response to President Obama's 23 executive actions, which they say are unconstitutional.

District 5 Representative Bryan Hughes spoke specifically about Texas House Bills recently filed relating to the 23 executive actions addressed by President Obama in an effort to reduce gun violence.

One of those is Texas House Bill 700 discussing open carry. It is something that has been turned down in the past, but is now back on the table.

"I'm a proponent of open carry and I will be voting for that bill and all my hopes are that open carry becomes the law in the state of Texas," said Shane Dyson, who spoke at Saturday's event.

And it seems Dyson is not the only one in favor of H.B. 700.

"Anybody ever heard of the term open carry? Is that familiar with anybody?" asked Representative Hughes at Saturday's event.

The crowd cheered.

"The only requirement will be that the gun is in a holster, so it can't be easily pulled away from you. We don't want the bad guys taking the guns from the good guys. Is that okay with you guys?" asked Representative Hughes.

However, H.B. 700 has not been so popular in the past. In fact, Representative Hughes said it was turned down last year, but is hopeful that will change.

"I think open carry has a lot of support this time. A number of members from the house have signed onto the bill. The challenge is always getting these bills to the house floor, there's a lot of hurdles along the way, but if we get to the house floor, I think the bill is going to pass," Representative Hughes said.

If the bill does pass, Representative Hughes said there are steps that must be taken before anyone can carry a firearm openly.

"If you pass a background check, your not a felon, and you don't have mental health problems that we're concerned about, you take a safety course, you qualify with your gun, if you do that, then you would be able to carry your handgun concealed or openly,"Representative Hughes said.

To read more about H. B. 700, click here.

Texas House Bill 553, also known as the "Second Amendment Preservation Act" also received a lot of cheers at Saturday's event.

"Any executive order coming out of Washington regarding guns, that goes against the constitution will not have any effect in Texas, in fact, it's against the law to try to enforce the orders in Texas," Representative Hughes said.

To read that full bill, click here.

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