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Back to the Basics: NC lawmakers want to bring cursive writing back


Some North Carolina lawmakers want to go back to the basics, reversing a recent ban on cursive writing in schools.

The bill would require public schools to add cursive writing back to curriculums so students can legibly write their names for important documents.

Charlottean Kevin Hornick had his disclaimer ready from the beginning.

"I'm not sure I could do it anymore to be honest," he said when asked to write the letter, "Z" in cursive.

Hornick struggled to do so.

But he's not alone. In this uber tech age of Facebook and Twitter -- who writes anything anymore let alone in cursive?

Some lawmakers in Raleigh want to change that. A "Back to the Basics" bill would mandate every child master legible cursive penmanship by the fifth grade.

Once Hornick saw some cursive writing, it all started coming back to him.

"Now that I see it I guess I remember some of it but it's just not something I ever really used," he admitted. "I never really had to."

Altanya Coaxum, a graduate student, is on board with the proposed bill.

"It never hurts a lot of needs to go back to the basics with a lot of other things to as well," she said. 

In fact she was pretty confident in her ability to write in cursive.

"I still write in cursive. My mom does, my grandmother does," Coaxum pointed out.

Back to Hornick who signed his name, showing me his version of cursive.

"What does that say," I asked him. He replied, "Kevin Hornick."

"This says Kevin Hornick," I repeated. "I have my contacts in Kevin and I'm struggling here."

The "Back to the Basics" legislation also requires elementary school students to memorize their multiplication tables. Remember those?

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