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Elevation church reaches new milestone with worship CD

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If you're seeking traditional -- Elevation church is not it.

It's better described as young, innovative and contemporary.

It was the vision of a young 25-year-old pastor named Steven Furtick who moved to Charlotte seven years ago with seven other young families in tow.

"He cast a compelling vision, he said 'sell your houses don't get paid, come start this'," said "Chunks" Corbett.

Corbett jokingly says they weren't smart enough to know any better. He is Pastor Steven's right hand man, also known as Elevation's Chief Financial Officer.

"I oversee the finances, the business side," he says.

And there's a lot to manage. What began with just over 100 people in a school auditorium has grown to a congregation of 13,000 people and seven locations. There are live simulcasts, video presentations, social media pushes, and multiple worship teams.

"We feel like if there's anything worth doing right and doing well, it's church on Sunday morning," said Corbett.

Just this week, the church's new album 'Nothing is wasted' shot to number 1 on the Christian itunes charts and remains in the top 20 overall, right next to singer Taylor Swift.  

Chris Brown helps lead the worship team.

"We're really happy about telling the story of what God's doing through this church, getting the message out through this album," said Brown.

They are visionaries, but the enormous success is still surprising.

"Did you imagine that you would see all of this when you moved here, seven years ago?" asked WBTV reporter Sarah Batista. "Oh Gosh no," said Corbett.

"Oh gosh no," said Corbett. "Obviously, now this room is full, at least three times every weekend."

It's Pastor Steven's unique style that seems to draw people in.

"He has challenges in his own life, and he's not afraid to talk about them from the stage and it's really relatable for people to hear," said Corbett.

But some critics wonder if the church is growing too fast. Corbett says not at all.

"It would be easy to sit back now and kind of take it easy, but that's not our style, that's not our speed, there's still people out there to be reached," said Corbett.

The church gives 12 percent of what it brings in back to the community. Last year, it gave $2.4 million to outreach partners.

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