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Allergy sufferers already feeling spring symptoms


Allergy sufferers may be awfully confused right now.  They're starting to feel those spring allergies coming on but we're still in cold rainy February.

There's a twist to this allergy season.

Instead of a fall and spring season this year, doctors say this is an atypical year.

Instead of separate seasons, we have had one long year of allergies blending one into the next.

The warm winter the past two years hasn't helped.  Trees and flowers are blooming both late and blooming early.

But Dr. Perry DePietro says most patients don't realize that so they're coming into the office complaining that they have a cold that won't go away.

"They may feel they have a cold or a sinus or ear infection.  Really at the root is allergies that are not treated well," DePietro said.

The doctor says if you've been experiencing symptoms that seem like the common cold but last three or four weeks it is more likely it is allergies.

You should see a doctor because they may be able to help you get through the season with a minimal amount of suffering.

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