Doctors list tests and procedures that may be overused

Overused medical tests

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you have ever wondered if your doctor is prescribing a test or procedure that you don't really need, you are not alone.

A coalition of medical groups has added 90 more recommendations to a list of overused or unnecessary tests and treatments.

Examples include:

Screening for a clogged neck artery isn't necessary when there are no worrisome stroke signs.

ANNUAL pap tests aren't necessary for women between 30 and 65.  Instead they say every three years is acceptable.

Scans by a radiologist shouldn't be done for patients with uncomplicated headaches.

Dr. Andrew Mueller, Senior Vice President of Physician Services for Novant Health says this underscores the need for high-quality doctor-patient interaction.

"At Presbyterian offices we encourage patients to ask three questions.  What is my main problem? What should I do about it?  Why is it important for me to do this?  Once they've been answered, we like the patient to teach that back to their provider," Mueller said.

To see the entire list of recommendations, by discipline, click here.

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