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Man draws gun while waiting in line for ammo


Annoyed by people cutting in line, police say a man drew his gun while waiting to buy ammunition on Friday.

The incident happened at Gander Mountain.

Ernesto Vasquez, 51, was arrested around 8 a.m. on charges of aggravated assault.

Workers at the store said every Friday morning boxes of ammunition get put on the shelves. The demand for these boxes is so high that people line up outside before the doors even open.    

Police say Vasquez was upset because people were cutting in line. Witnesses told police that he pulled out his gun and threatened another customer. 

Police were called to the scene immediately and Vasquez was arrested. As of Friday evening, Vasquez is in custody on aggravated assault charges. 

The store manager at Gander Mountain declined to comment and the corporate office would not return our phone calls. No one was hurt. 

Darla Granberry, a certified concealed handgun license instructor, said there are only certain circumstances where drawing a gun is necessary and this was not one of them.

"When you felt like your life was in danger or you were being robbed or sexually assaulted - just being cut in line would not be any reason to produce a gun," said Granberry.

Granberry said people who own a gun should know better than that. 

"We like to think that concealed handgun license holders are mature and responsible and courteous adults. So their response to an aggravation should not be the production of a gun," she said.  

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