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Charlotte author's promotion revoked after Petraeus scandal


The Charlotte author who was involved in the scandal that rocked a United States General has had her promotion revoked by the U.S. Army.

According to CNN, the Army has revoked the promotion of Paula Broadwell, the one-time mistress of General David Petraeus.

A Defense Department official told CNN the Army made the decision in early February.

Broadwell, who lives in Charlotte's Dilworth neighborhood, had been approved for a promotion from major to lieutenant colonel in the Army reserves.

That was before the scandal broke over her affair with the former CIA chief.

Investigators are now looking at whether she had unauthorized access to classified information while writing Petraeus' biography.

Her security clearance, which was suspended last year, also has not been reinstated.

Petraeus resigned in November after news of the extramarital affair came out.

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