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Reasons we crave fatty foods


Our craving for fatty foods may not be all in our head.

It is likely part of our genetic makeup.

"Absolutely and some people are more sensitive to craving more fatty food," said Registered Dietician Sheryl Kuhta-Sutter.

She says humans have a natural instinct to eat fat because it is a rich source of energy.

"It's ok to crave fat."

"You want to have fat in your diet and the problem that we have is choosing which fats."

You want to make sure you are choosing a better type fat.

Like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which you will find in products like olive oil.

"Anything that is less processed and more natural is your better bet," said Sutter.

You want to try to avoid saturated and trans-fats.

"The problem with saturated fat is it will clog your arteries and increase plaque in your arteries and lead to heart disease," said Sutter.

"The rule of thumb here is that if it's solid at room temperature it's a saturated fat."

Like butter and lard.

If you do have a craving Sutter recommends you give in just a little bit.

"The worst thing you can do is restrict yourself in a diet because that leads to unhealthy eating practices like binging."

The idea is to enjoy what we eat while watching our portions.

Here are three steps toward switching your cravings from fatty foods to healthy foods.

1. Clean out your cupboards

2. Carry around healthy foods

3. Bury craved foods in the middle of a meal

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