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Wednesday at 11 PM: The Secret to Joy


Cassidy Hooper is 16 and independent. 

Alone, that might not seem so noteworthy. 

But when you factor in that she born with no eyes and no nose and still manages to go to school every day and live during the week away from her family… the word "independence" suddenly takes on new meaning.

Anchor Molly Grantham has been following the personality-driven and always-happy Cassidy since she was 11. 

Coming up Wednesday at 11:pm, Molly takes us into the day-to-day life of this special teenager. 

She also has an update on Cassidy's medical procedures and her multi-year process to get a working nose surgically built into her face.

Click the attached video preview to see the what a teenager looks like who – despite all obstacles – has found the secret to joy.

She shares her secret with us Wednesday, at 11:00 pm.

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