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RIGHT NOW: Officer-involved shooting leaves man hospitalized

Hello. It's Christine Nelson writing this quick email to you on this Wednesday, February 20. Here is a look at what's making headlines right now. We'll have all the details on air from 4:30-7:00 a.m. You can rely on WBTV News This Morning to get you caught up.

RIGHT NOW: An officer-involved shooting in Mt. Holly is leaving many questions to be answered. It started with a traffic stop when suddenly police started shooting at the car. The man inside was hit and taken to the hospital. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee has been working his contacts to find out why police started shooting. He is standing by with a live report and will have the very latest details.

Have you heard about people possibly being exposed to Hepatitis A? It's pretty crazy but something you need to pay attention to. Especially if you've eaten at two restaurants in particular in the area. We have those details and we're on your side letting you know where you can go to get a free Hep A vaccine.

Searching for a job? In our social media-frenzy world we're telling you the website that has become an invaluable job search tool! WBTV's Astrid Martinez has more on the social media site. She also has expert advice on the best way to share information without hurting your chances to land a job.

Does a need for cigarettes justify calling 911? We'll let you hear a call to dispatchers that's like to give you a chuckle this morning.

Don't forget! Your first alert weather and traffic updates are every 10 minutes. See you on the air!


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