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Man in hospital after officer-involved shooting; charged with assault on officer

Mt. Holly, NC (WBTV) -

Investigators from the State Bureau of Investigation are interviewing people and looking over evidence, including dash cam video, to try to piece together what happened that led police to shoot a driver who was pulled over for speeding.

Jmar Demontae Davis, 28, is in serious condition at Gaston Memorial Hospital with multiple gun shot wounds, including one to the neck.

Officials said it started when patrol officers clocked an older model Nissan going 80 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Officers Taylor Hager and Darryl Barnes pulled over the vehicle near the intersection of South Main Street and Highland Street.

The Chief of Police says as the officers approached the car something went wrong.

"Mr Davis was armed  with a handgun" says David James, Interim Chief of Mt. Holly Police. "I don't know right now at this briefing what happened in the encounter from the time they got out to the time gunfire started."

WBTV spoke to Davis' mother on the phone while she was at the hospital with her son. She says the shooting was unjustified. 

Ms. Davis says her son was talking on his cell phone when he was pulled over. He told her he asked the officer why he was being pulled over. He told his mother the officer told him he was speeding. According to Ms. Davis, her son says the officer asked for license and registration. 

Davis told his mother he was reaching into his pocket to get his identification when an officer started shooting him. Ms. Davis says her son had a gun in the car's console but did not draw or shoot at the officer.

"People shouldn't get shot just because you think they might be doing something--you shouldn't just shoot," said Davis' neighbor.

The Chief says he's not sure at this time if he{Davis} pointed it at them, if he shot at them, if he had it in his waist band and went for it and they said hey don't do that."

Chief James says during the exchange, Barnes and Hager fired multiple rounds hitting Davis several times. Davis' mother says her son has 6 gunshot wounds.

The shooting left the car with several holes in the frame, as well as shattering the glass windows on three of the four sides of the vehicle.

Davis is charged with two counts assault on an officer with a firearm.

Chief James also said Davis had a criminal arrest record in Mecklenburg County.

Chief James explained the potential charges by saying "he would have had a gun in his possession or point it or something like that to be an assault - make some kind of move."

On Thursday, Davis had his first appearance in front of a District Court Judge at Gaston Memorial, and he was given a $300,000 secured bond.

He will remain in the custody of the Gaston County Sheriff's Office at the hospital until he is released and transported to the Gaston County Jail.

Ms. Davis says her son is an Army veteran who received the purple heart because he was wounded during combat.

After the shooting, the officers then jumped in to help Davis.

"Police rendered aid until first responders and fire got here, then he was transported." said Police Chief David James.

Officer Taylor Hager is a K-9 officer according to a press release from Mt. Holly police.  He has been employed with the department for 7 years. Darryl Barnes has been on the force for 5 years.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave with pay while the investigations continues.

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