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Meck Co. property owners could get tax refund...or invoice

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Mecklenburg County may soon be working with North Carolina state lawmakers to try to get tax refunds for property owners who overpaid after the 2011 property revaluation.

"I'd like to have some money back, because I paid a lot," said Daisy Dunlap, who lives in Charlotte's Wilmore community.

Dunlap's family has lived in the same neighborhood for 38 years. Dunlap says her property value jumped after the 2011 countywide revaluation.

Wilmore is one of 20 Mecklenburg County neighborhoods determined by an appraisal company as having major revaluation mistakes. The company sampled a small percentage of properties after the county hired it to look into residents' complaints.

Now, some county commissioners want to make things right. The commissioners are expected to ask the state to allow them to send tax refunds to property owners who overpaid last year.

That's great news for property owners whose properties were overvalued, but it won't please property owners whose homes and businesses were undervalued.

"For people whose properties were undervalued, and their properties go up as a result of this re-review, that could mean that their taxes would be higher," said county commissioner Trevor Fuller.

According to Fuller, legal issues arise if some residents get refunds but other residents are allowed to underpay.

"The government doesn't have the authority not to levy a tax that's due," said Fuller.

Some commissioners would like to work with state lawmakers to amend North Carolina's tax laws so no one will owe the government more money for undervalued property. They'd like to focus on getting refunds for those who overpaid.

Tuesday night, commissioners are expected to vote on a resolution to send to the state. The NC General Assembly will make a final decision on whether to allow refunds.

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