See, Click, Fix: Shopping center called "nasty" getting cleaned up

BELMONT, NC (WBTV) - This is the more presentable side of Eastwood Village shopping center on Park Street in Belmont.

Not so much when you see all the trash in the back!

An array of garbage is everywhere...from papers to an old couch and mattress.

Steve asked us to fix this problem and posted on our See, Click, Fix web page, "This is the only shopping center in Belmont that is nasty!"

In fact, pictures Steve also posted show at one point things were A LOT worse here.

Papers and trash were everywhere including yellow flyers from the North Carolina Democratic Party from the November election!

No vote was needed to realize this needed to be fixed.

Once I brought this to the attention of Belmont code enforcement officer Chris Ray the changes were sweeping.

He contacted the shopping center owner by phone in Wisconsin last Thursday. By Monday they had a crew cleaning up this mess up.

This is what the back the of shopping center looks like now. The papers and boxes are gone and so is all trash along the property line.

For Steve and others who say this was a big mess...problem solved!

Ray also said he is sure much of this is illegal dumping and it's happening in the woods right behind the shopping center too.

He says he's going to ask the police to start patrolling the shopping center to lookout out for illegal dumpers.

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