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Dog rescued from drain pipe after being stuck for hours


Volunteer firefighters and a Good Samaritan worked for hours to help rescue a dog stuck inside a drain pipe on a North Carolina farm.

According to Laura Shield, her 55-pound black lab, Chloe, was running around on Hidden Springs Farm, which is just south of Monroe. Shield told WBTV that Chloe ran into a drain pipe on Monday afternoon and got stuck inside. Shield said she got Chloe as a rescue dog.

Shield was not able to get to Chloe, who was lodged about 15-20 feet inside the pipe.

Volunteers from the Stack Road and Baker's Fire Departments in Union County came out to the horse farm to help. WBTV learned that a neighbor also brought in a backhoe to help dig down to the pipe.

The volunteers dug a trench about three to four feet deep to get to the pipe. As they attempted to cut the pipe, Chloe kept inching forward getting deeper into the pipe.

That's when volunteers decided to cut ahead of Chloe. 

Around 11 p.m. Monday night, they were able to get a rope around her collar and pull her out of the pipe.

She had been stuck inside for nearly six hours.

Shield was happy to be reunited with dog - rescued for the second time.

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