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Ammunition shortage? One local gun shop rationing bullets


Is there a shortage of ammunition in the Charlotte region? As guns continue to fly off the shelves in the wake of the Newtown, CT shootings, local gun owners are now seeing a shortage of ammo.

"We just didn't see this coming," said Larry Hyatt, owner of Hyatt Gun and Coin in west Charlotte. "It's unprecedented.

In business for more than 50 years, he has never seen a shortage like this.

"The small towns seem to be out the most," Hyatt said. "They ran out the quickest. Charlotte, people like us, are the slowest to run out. But if we don't get some significant deliveries we'll run out of certain calibers."

Just Monday morning, these shelves were full of ammo but near closing time at six o'clock, more than half the stock is gone.

The most popular ammo, .22 caliber shells are hard to find anywhere --if at all.

"Right now we're limiting it two boxes a person," said Hyatt. "If we don't get some next week, it's gonna be one box and if we don't get any after that, it will be a picture of box of ammo."

Hyatt told WBTV folks having been driving from as far away as Boone and Asheville looking for the bullets they need. But none quite as far as Tom White from Nashville.

"Even the Walmart back at home, they've been out of shells for about 8 weeks," he said. "Bass Pro Shops, same thing. You know, it's just really hard to find ammo."

A self described gun enthusiast with nearly 20 guns, White stopped by Hyatt's Monday looking for ammo -- but is leaving empty-handed.

I think people are just kinda scared; they're buying anything they can get their hands on," he said. "But I think that will settle down. I'm hoping it does."

But Hyatt just isn't so sure.

"They keep stirring the pot in Washington and this could last a lot longer," he said.

Hyatt also told WBTV they saw a lot of overflow business from the gun show in North Charlotte over the weekend.

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